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The Faculty of Nursing, Department of Nursing


The Department of Nursing aims to nurture professional nurses with specialized knowledge and high ethical standards, which will enable them to work as professional nurses who can contribute to the advancement of medical care collaboratively with people from different fields. Students are expected to become nurses who have developed a deep understanding of human beings and can treat people with empathy. They are also expected to reflect deeply upon the value of their role in contributing to human welfare and acquire the ability to think and act from an international viewpoint.

Key Features

The department’s curriculum displays three distinctive characteristics. The first involves educating students in collaboration with other departments on campus, such as the departments of nutritional sciences, pharmacy, and psychology. This enables them to become nurses with the ability to make decisions based on a solid scientific foundation. The second characteristic relates to the substantial opportunities for students to carry out nursing activities in simulation laboratories, which are followed by nursing practice at partner hospitals and medical facilities. The third characteristic is the department’s optional one-month study abroad program in Canada in which students take part in various hands-on activities that can deepen their knowledge of international nursing.

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