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Graduate School of Letters, Department of Education


The Department of Education in the Graduate School of Letters consists of two streams of specialization: Education/psychology and clinical psychology. It provides students with courses that are designed to nurture their ability to address current issues in education and to achieve a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and development, skills required to be an expert in psychology.

Key Features

The department offers both Master's (M.A.) and Ph.D. programs. Our Master's program offers two courses: an Education/psychology stream and a clinical psychology stream. The former course is designed to prepare students, in terms of both theory and practice, to seek the essence of education and human development and apply that knowledge to the educational challenges we face in society. The latter course offers both a variety of courses of study, such as clinical psychology, psychiatry, developmental psychology, group psychology, and family psychology, as well as substantial clinical experience in counseling, either on campus and in partner hospitals. Our doctoral program is designed to serve the needs of students who wish to pursue their individual studies at the most advanced level while encouraging and assisting them to complete their doctoral dissertations.

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