Faculty of Letters, Department of Calligraphy

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Faculty of Letters, Department of Calligraphy


TThe Department of Calligraphy's curriculum is designed to enable students to systematically learn various styles of penmanship and theories of calligraphy, which can enhance their applied skills to a level that meets the needs of an educational institution, an academic institution, and a corporation. Students learn about the history and culture of calligraphy, acquire an understanding of the theory of calligraphy, and study about various works to cultivate their abilities of expressions and appreciation. All of the department courses are highly oriented toward improving thinking and communication skills through works of writing.

Key Features

The department uses a personal coaching system to ensure that each student receives professional advice about how to pursue a relevant career path after graduation, such as a school teacher or a curator. Also, this department's tutorial system enables beginner-level students to take fundamental courses and advanced-level students to take courses to refine their specialized skills. Students are offered innovative courses such as Drawing & Sketching and Calligraphic Presentation as well as traditional courses. Opportunities for research and activities requiring interaction with the local community or schools are regularly provided to help students identify research themes relevant to their future career through on-site experiences.

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