Faculty of Psychology, Department of Social-Psychology

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Faculty of Psychology, Department of Social-Psychology

The Department of Social-Psychology in the Faculty of Psychology opened in April, 2018.

The Department of Social-Psychology is a new department where students are to master the essential theories and applied methods of psychology, develop them and study the psychological factors and influences in various organizations and society.
Integrating psychological themes such as motivation, communication, leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving with knowledge of sociology and management, in order to better understand the ways in which society functions, students can acquire high-level practical skills which will be useful in business environment.


Nurturing students’ minds and fostering their abilities to contribute to society.

We foster students’ abilities to understand human minds deeply by learning the expertises and research methods of psychology. We also foster human resources to provide a wide range of contributions to society through raising students’ ability to communicate considerately with others.

Key Features

Putting active learning into practice through fulfilling seminars, experiments, and practical training.

Preparing many classes in the forms of seminars, experiments, and practical training, we put active learning by students into practice. Conducting hands-on learning, such as group work, psychological experiments, off-campus research, and so forth, we aim at training the abilities to think, act, and cooperate with others.

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